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HandyLinux and WIFI

Install wireless, add a new wireless connection, this is where it happens.

WIFI Installation

If you are installing HandyLinux from an only WIFI equipped office, the installation procedure is the same because network detection is disabled during the installation process. If your wireless network is visible and configurable in Live session, it will be after installation.

WIFI Configuration

If you installed HandyLinux with a wired connection and you want to configure “wireless” connection, follow the procedure.

To configure your wireless connection, it is down right in the notification area. With a left-click of the mouse, you get information about your current connections. The wired network is the cable that connects your computer to your internet box (disconnected here). Below “Available”, the wireless access points are visible. Of course it will be different for you.
What is the name of my internet box? Normally this is written on the box itself, or on the container, or in the documentation provided. The name of my box is arpibox, and I left-clicked on it.

A dialog asks for a password then, which was provided with your router. The password is written on the back of my box. It is a sequence of letters, uppercase and lowercase, and numbers. Click “Show password” to see what you write. A trap to avoid: do not confuse the letter “O” uppercased and the number “0”, which are very similar.

Then you click “Connect”. When search is done a notification warns you that the connection was successful.

You can now remove the cable connected to your box and surf through Wireless.

Broadcom card doesn't work ?

Some wireless cards are poorly recognized by GNU/Linux (stories of proprietary drivers …).
For notebooks with Broadcom cards (HP and Dell mostly) using the free driver “Broadcom 802.11 Linux STA wireless driver”, visit the excellent French Emmabuntus wiki(tartarin, thank you for the link).

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