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Updating applications

Updating applications on HandyLinux is managed by the update-notifier software that starts automatically at the beginning of your session and tells you if updates are available.
If any updates are available, a notification is displayed and a red icon in the notification area appears. Simply click this icon to start the update manager. Your password will be requested :

  • Update available notification :
  • Once your password confirmed, the update-manager starts :
  • You can check for updates (button “Check”) then launch updates with the “Install Updates” button :
  • Once updates installed, a information and a confirmation windows are displayed :

Updated version of the HandyLinux

HandyLinux is a Debian Derivative distribution : it means Debian compatible repository and automatic package managment through the update-manager.
So you don't have nothing specific to do but maintain your system up-to-date. If you have to make specific manipulations during an upgrade, it will be explained in the official annonce on the blog and the forum.

HandyLinux-1.9 is based on Debian Wheezy.
To upgrade to HandyLinux-2.0 based on Debian Jessie, please consult the dedicated documentation.

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