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HandyMenu doesn't show all softwares (it would be overcharged), but you can access all softwares with the HandyMenu, “Raiders” section, button “Applications List”. Here is a selection of fine tools…


Screenshooting on HandyLinux is done by xfce4-screenshooter application. Launch it by pressing “PrintSyst” key or open HandyMenu, “Raiders” section, “Applications list” button. Then in “Accessories” tab, choose “ScreenShoot” :

The application is easy to use :
You can choose between options :

  • all screen capture
  • active window capture (the window that has focus)
  • mouse selected zone capture

You can use a timer to do something special before capture.
Once shot, capture pic is saved in “Pictures” folder. Confirm it in the next window that permits you to save it another place or rename it.


Orage is your personal calendar. Left-click the time on your tray to open it. Once launched, it's available on tray with a date icon :
To hide the calendar, right-click on it and select what you want to do.

Orage can control your rendez-vous and perfectly fill agenda fonctions. To create a “rendez-vous” :

  • directly from Orage window, left-click on “Files” in Menu Bar, then clic “New appointment”
  • from the “date” icon in tray : right-click, then choose “New appointment”

You are in a real multi-fonctions agenda with alarm in.

For managing Orage, right-click on “date” icon or from the window menu, left-click on “Edit” then “Preferences”. Everything is easy.

Search tool

In order to retrieve lost datas, HandyLinux has gnome-search-tool in, a simple and efficient search tool. Go, HandyMenu, “Raiders” section, “Applications List” button. In “Accessories”, choose “Files Search” :
Once launched, just enter the searched item and the folder you think it could be in. Left-click on “Search” to have results.

BUG : “open folder of file” in contextual menu doesn't work… for this time. :=)

Automatic sorting

HandyLinux has an automatic sorting script for Downloads folder. It's because this folder can become a monstruous vault of files.
In order to sort fast, a launcher is available in “Downloads” folder or in “Accessories” category of the “Applications List” :

A simple interface lets you check type of files you want to sort :

Files are classified by extension (“.png”, “.doc”, “.txt”, etc) and sent in associated folder “Pictures”, “Documents”, “Music” and “Videos”.
Sort properties :

  • folders are not sorted,
  • sort doesn't crush files : if a file already exists in a destination folder (eg. “Documents”), the file isn't moved,
  • A verbose window shows work in progress.

Encode and Convert

To extract and save your audio CD on your computer or to encode your audio/video files, HandyLinux includes asunder and oggconvert, two very simple tools easy to use.


Bleachbit is a cleaner for your system or user folder. Launched by HandyMenu, “Raiders” section, “Applications List” button. In “System” category, choose BleachBit :

  • simple version for your home,
  • “as root” version for your entire system

WARNING : most of the choices lead to definitively delete datas.
Be carefull and well read tags before “check”.

User directory cleaning

At first time, BleachBit shows preferencies window. Make sure to visit the “white list” tab to protect some datas from modification.
BleachBit GUI is simple : un side panel shows a tree of actions, the right window with the category's desprictive and a red cross to start cleaning :

In “user” mode, you are allowed to access some categorie. If you try to operate on system files as a user, you'll get an error message. Here's the list of categories to permit: Bash, Chromium, Miniatures, Scan, Skype, Système, VLC & X11.
BleachBit has good idea to show all possible errors or erasing messages. Menus and options are well explicit.
Once a list of actions is checked, left-click on the red cross in toolbar, confirm, then Bleachbit starts cleaning and shows the result

In this exemple, it shows 2 errors due to a change after the last scan… Nothing severe :) .
As you can see, BleachBit is talkative.

System cleaning

As administrator, you have to enter your password. You could access all categories of BleachBit then. As in simple user mode, you can read descriptives of categories and confirmations will be asked.

For the exemple, guantas speaks about on the forum (fr). Feel free to ask for help in order to adapt BleachBit for you.


Note : You can create or decompress directly an archive from your file manager Thunar

File-roller is the default archives manager.
File-Roller is integrated in Thunar (your file manager) and lets your create or decompress archives directly in Thunar window. If you really need to create archives without using Thunar, File-roller can be found in the “Applications list”, “Accessories” section.


Disc Utility permits you to simply format a USB key, SD card or external HD. You can have informations about your internal drives.
You launch it by HandyMenu > Raiders, “Accessories” section :

To easily format a USB key or SD card…

  • insert your device and select it in the side panel. Check not to select an internal drive (identified in Local Drives) :
  • Take care to unmount the drive before format it.
  • left-click on “Format Drive”, in the appearing window, choose a “GUID Partition Table” in rollover menu and left-click on “Format”:
  • A confirmation window pops up, valid it to launch the formating of device. Now you have to create a partition. Easy, left-click on “create partition” :
  • Window creation appears. If you want your device to be readable on every OS (GNU/Linux, Windows™ or Apple™), choose “FAT” type… Give it a name and left-click on “Create” :

Now, you can unplugg your device to use it everywhere or mount it by pressing “Mount volume” button.

System Informations

Hardinfo is a system information recover software that works on OS, devices…
To launch it, HandyMenu, “Raiders” section, “Applications List” button. In “System” category, choose “System Profiler and Benchmark
Once launched, choose a category, a label, in the left side panel to access informations. “Benchmarks” category does tests on your computer and can take some times :

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