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Discover HandyLinux

HandyLinux is accessibility for all and freedom for everyone to evolve on its own. Based on Debian GNU/Linux with XFCE, a fast, light and stable desktop environment, HandyLinux is safe, handy and free.

Designed to facilitate access to computers those who start, children, seniors and those who are looking for simplicity. For that it comprises:

  • A simplified application package for common tasks : (surfing the net, email, office suite, software image/audio/video, skype) easily accessible from the HandyMenu
  • The Debian software library with thousands of applications for raiders.
  • A complete documentation in line and a integrated initiation in the distribution to answer your questions and support your progress
  • If you are in a disability situation “Accessibility” is here to facilitate access to different functions of the computer : minimal screen magnifier, virtual keyboard and voice synthesis.

HandyLinux offers a clear and simple interface, that will change as and when your findings and computing needs.

The purpose of HandyLinux

the secret purpose of HandyLinux? ?? to leave handylinux !!
This distribution is only there to facilitate the use of your computer. Once your environment tamed, you simply remove the facilitating options and you get a “classic” Debian distribution with XFCE as desktop environment.

Hardware requirements

HandyLinux can be installed on any modern computer (PIV or higher) with 512M of memory and requires 3,4 G of available hard disk space for the system.


Contributions aka thanks

HandyLinux is a collegial distribution built by users for users. Functionality change with the needs and demands of our users.
I invite you to join us and give us your requests/needs/desires on the handylinux forum (fr).

Project sources

handylinux is built with the Debian live-build project. It is published under GPLV3 license and you can find all the sources on its gitorious page.


Construction resources:

  • Operating System : Debian-7 - kernel linux 3.2.0-4-amd64
  • material : Dell M4400 - cpu Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T9600 @ 2.80GHz - ram 4G
  • Building program : live-build 3.0.5-1
  • Editors : geany 1.23.1 & vim 7.3.923
  • graphics : gimp 2.8.6 & inkscape

Handy Linux :

  • Operating System : Debian 7.8 - linux kernel 3.2.0-4-486/686-pae
  • hardware Requirements : processeur 32 bits PIV or more - 512 M RAM - 3,4 GB free space
  • Distribution format : iso-hybrid for use on dvd/usb
  • Size of the iso : ±1.2 GB
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