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The Office Applications

HandyLinux comes with desktop applications to edit your formatted text documents, view your PDF, print or scan a document, take notes or perform scientific calculations :

  • Leafpad : your minimalist text editor.
  • Evince : your PDF viewer.
  • XPad : takes note.
  • Gnome-Calc : your calculator.
  • LibreOffice : your full Office suite.
  • Print & Scan : duplicate or backup your documents easily.


Leafpad is a text editor minimal but functional, well enough to write a simple letter or a draft while editing work.
It has a simple menubar allowing you the basic actions (copy/paste/delete/print), but also the function of search/replace, line numbering or change the font.
Leafpad is launched from the HandyMenu, “Office” section, bouton “Text editor” :


Evince is your PDF viewer. Handy Linux is configured to open any PDF document with a single-click. You can open it “empty” from the HandyMenu, “Office” section, bouton “PDF viewer” :
Evince has a simple and easy to read display, explicit menus and all the traditional functions of a document viewer (presentation mode, printing, minimal change).


XPad is a minimalist notepad. This software lets you create, edit and modify one or more notes, and display from your system tray (bottom right of your screen).
On first launch, a short des cription comes and lists Xpad possibilities.
Xpad is launched from the HandyMenu, “Office” section, button “Take notes” :
The first line of the note becomes the title of the note. You can create as many notes as you want, they will be accessible from the yellow “XPad” icon in the notification area (bottom right of your screen).
The right-click menu on a note allows you to create, edit, and delete notes. You can customize the font, the color of the background or display without window decorations.


Your Calculator always available. Gcalctool is launched from the HandyMenu, “Office” section, button “Calculator”.
This calculator starts in “Basic” mode but has modes “advanced”, “financial” or “programming”, which makes it really functional for any occasion.
The calculator can be used with your keyboard or your mouse (click on the calculator numbers & symbols)
A clear and minimal interface, no frills.
bug : changing “mode” can sometimes crash the display depending on your screen resolution. simply restart the calculator and it will display the previously selected mode.


LibreOffice is free office suite that offers modules for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing, database, and mathematical formulas editing.

LibreOffice opportunities are numerous. The official wiki of the community is very well done and will give you a full and effective assistance.
Bonne lecture :)

liens principaux :


Printing on Handylinux… first you simply have to add and configure your printer.
Once your printer added, it will be available for all HandyLinux applications such as LibreOffice, Evince or Shotwell.

To print from any application, open the “File” menu on top menubar, then “Print” :).
If your printer is not available, you still can print in a PDF file, to view with “evince” or to print later.


Scanning is handle by simple-scan. As its nae let guess, its use is … simple.

  • Plug-in your scanner before launching simple-scan.
  • Launch Simple-Scan from the HandyMenu > “Office” > “Document Scanning”. The minimalist interface displays a warning if no scanner is detected. In regular use :
  • Click on the scanning button. The scanner heats then start digitization :
  • You can crop the preview, and once the desired result, click on the save button :
  • A registration window appears: you can name your scanned file.

et voilà.

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