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Internet Applications

HandyLinux comes with basic applications to take advantage of the Internet :

  • Iceweasel (free version of Firefox) : your web browser since HandyLinux-1.7
  • Chromium (free version of Google Chrome) : your web browser before HandyLinux-1.7
  • Icedove (unbranded version of Thunderbird) : your digital messaging client.
  • Skype : your communications software.
  • Minitube : Your YouTube player.

As well as direct link to Facebook account. Note that filmed discuss do not work on Facebook with GNU/Linux distributions.

If you need to configure your Internet connection, visit the raiders section.


– Iceweasel is the default web browser since HandyLinux-1.7 –
The official Firefox (Iceweasel) documentation is available here :


Internet Web Browser Chromium : the free Chrome
Chromium is a internet Web Brrowser under free licence who wants to be fast, economic in resources, stable and secure.

The primary function of a web browser is to allow information consultation available on the Web (World Wide Web).
The user gives the browser the web address of the resource to consult. There are three ways to give a web address:

  • Type yourself the web address in the address bar of the browser,
  • Select a favourite in your list of bookmarks, knowing that each is associated with a favourite web address,
  • Follow a link on a web page, knowing that each link is associated with a web address.

The browser connects to the web server hosting the target resource. The communication protocol commonly used is HTTP.

Interface overview

Here is the Chromium interface in HandyLinux and details of the fields to use:

  • the address bar at the top: it tells you the http/https address of the page being viewed.
  • the favorites bar: it brings together your favorite websites.
  • Three search boxes by default on the home page of HandyLinux, you can do your research on Startpage, Google or Wikipedia.

Customize and control Chromium

Click on the icon on the far right of the address bar to open a menu.

You are now in the Chromium “control center” 8-)
All terms are very explicit. For example if you want to open a new tab in your browser … Click on “new tab” or press Ctrl + T.
In the lines “favorites” and “tools” you have a small black arrow (right) which means that when you hover your mouse over this line, you open a “sub-menu”.
In the example below, you can show or hide the Favorites bar.

The Google Chrome Extensions are small programs to modify and improve its functionality. You can download Google Chrome extension to this adresse :

We saw here that HandyLinux provides Chromium with some extensions.

It is very simple to disable or remove them. You must go to the “control center” of Chromium then go to “Tools” then “extensions”.

Then disable or remove these extensions. In the example below, the virtual keyboard.

Some extensions:

Make your choice!


Icedove is primarily an emailer, but it is also a communication hub that allows you to view and write in newsgroups, chat, read RSS feeds provided by some websites.
If you have two or more email accounts, it is you might not practical to access each of them using the browser! Icedove is an application that brings together all your mail boxes of all your email in one convenient interface.
Icedove is the clone of courrielleur Mozilla Thunderbird, for reasons of legal protection for its icon is not integrated into Debian but it provides the same functions.

To open Icedove, HandyMenu, tab “Internet”, button “Read and write emails”.

Configure Icedove

At first startup, Icedove provides temporary configuration interface and a foreground window that allows you to create an account with two supplier partners. If you are not interested you can click “Skip this step and use my existing address”.

Another window opens. Then provide the requested information about your account. You can choose whether Icedove must remember the password. If you uncheck this option, you must enter your password each time you connect.

Click on continue. Icedove then searches its database specific parameters to your account. When finished click on “done”.

Icedove now displays your account details in the right column and download all your email and, depending on your provider, your contact (this may take a time). Now click on your account in place, then “incoming”. The interface takes its normal appearance.

Icedove interface

Icedove window is divided into three distinct parts:

  • The left column includes all your accounts,
  • The top right section expands the list of selected in the left column category,
  • The lower left portion of the developing selected content in the upper part.

The Icedove's interface is relatively intuitive. In the tool bar high you can check your mail, compose a new message, open an assignment, chat access, your address book, put a label to a message, or filter your messages.
If you click a message in the banner at the top, the options for the message will also be available to respond, to transfer, archive, mark as spam, etc …

If you are looking for a specific message you have several options:

  • you can search, type a few characters in the search bar at the top;
  • you can also always on top, click on the words and icons, “subject”, “sender”, “date”, attachments, star if you put labels on your messages, read/unread, etc … they will be instantly sorted by the selected criterion, which will save you from having to scroll through a long list to find an old post. Clicking a second time on the same button invert the selection. You can customize your display messages from a category according to your own criteria with these tools.

Retrieve one or other account (s) email

If you have one or more mail you want to view accounts using Icedove now click on the three small horizontal bars on the right (the parameters) after the search bar, put your cursor on “New message ”, and then click the drop down menu on“ existing mail account “and continue the recovery process of a mail account as explained above.


The three small horizontal bars include all the parameters. It is the modern presentation. If you want to change this behavior to find classic menu, click settings, place the mouse pointer on “Preferences” and select “Menu Bar”.
It is advisable to visit the preferences where you can set your levels of spam filters, set your labels and have options like use only one password for all your accounts, among other.

Other functions in Icedove


Icedove provides access to newsgroups, bubbling cauldron of the Web ! The Web ? Nay Web: internet ! And even the whole, yes Earth !
Formerly free access, most newsgroups providers have become paying due to important servers fees that newsgroup generate.
Tip: check with your provider as it may be free access to newsgroups provides. Otherwise you will have to create an account or pay back on a few suppliers still free.
To access newsgroups: Icedove parameters/new message/other accounts/newsgroups, and follow the procedure. New account then appear in the left column, allowing you to retrieve a list of groups, subscribe to publications of some groups, posting if the group is open.
Every possible to the surface of this planet is necessarily subject treated in a group !


Icedove is not strictly speaking a chat - other installable applications in HandyLinux do that much better, Pidgin for example - but it can already discuss some protocols. If you still want to chat with Icedove, click Settings, and then “New Message” and “instant messaging account.” Choose your protocol and then fill in the boxes required. Category will be created in the left column of Icedove you can chat live.

RSS feed reader

Icedove can also read RSS feeds that provide some sites, although other installable applications in HandyLinux - Liferea for example - or even online applications allow easier.
If you still want to check news sites via RSS in Icedove go settings/New Message/Other accounts/Blogs and news, and follow the procedure. A new category will then appear in your left hand column.
Ta add a feed FIXME: a small icon could be welcome
Browsing the internet you will find sites providing news feeds. If a website interests you and provides a feed, click it, choose RSS (not Atom), your browser may ask you how to open the application, tell him Icedove, check “Always perform this action for this type of content. “Feed now fall into Icedove where you can consult them.
It could, however, your browser does not prompt you Icedove. In this case you must choose “Open with another application” then navigate to Icedove in /usr/bin.


This does not appear a first but Icedove come with tabs open by content sometime and where it is possible to open a content using sometimes a right-click.


It is possible to add functions to Icedove. Visit gallery in settings/Add-ons.


Skype ™ is free of charge, but it is not a free software. Its source code is closed and can not be changed .

Handylinux integrates Skype™ to allow you to communicate for free with your friends or colleagues. It just runs from the HandyMenu Section “Internet” button “Skype”.
At first launch, if you still want to use Skype ™, you must accept the license :

If you are already an user, then you just fill your username and password. You can also create an account directly from this interface :
If you are already registered, your contacts are displayed in the main window :
To add or search for a contact, click the ”+” icon at the bottom left of your Skype window. The search window will appear :
A right-click on a contact will allow you to start a text chat (IRC style), an audio call or video session (for webcam users).

BUG : Some machines need the package “libasound2-plugins” to run the sound through Skype. This package will be integrated into the HandyLinux-1.4. In the meantime, simply add via terminal (HandyMenu> Raiders> Open a terminal):

sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins

Password is required. Thank you to denis_pr for feddback and solution :)

Links :


Minitube is a lightweight application used to search and view videos from Youtube.
The benefits of Minitube :

  • watch videos without launching your browser,
  • choose the videos resolution (360,720,1080 p),
  • manage your playlists,
  • download your favorite videos directly,
  • search by keyword but also by Youtube chain.

To launch Minitube :

  • HandyMenu > Internet > Minitube

As you can see, the menubar is clear and comprehensive. Minitube is used as a simplified video player, you will not be disapointed :) .

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