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HandyLinux -- Computer without headaches

When you start HandyLinux, your screen looks like this : HandyLinux default desktop Bottom of your screen, information bar: the panel that integrates HandyLinux from left to right :

  • the launcher of HandyMenu that gives you access to main applications installed on your system,
  • the taskbar lists your open application,
  • time on hovering, displays the date and left-click displays the calendar,
  • the tool button enables you to copy/paste a selection, one-click access to online help, zoom the screen or to invert the colors. A special help page is dedicated to access tools.
  • screen brightness applet for your eyes,
  • notifications area informing you of the status of the network, your battery charging if it is present, the available updates, the RadioTray icon if it is running, etc … ,
  • the shutdown button that displays the logout dialog window on left-click.

HandyMenu -- one launcher to start them all

The heart of HandyLinux is the HandyMenu: He gathers all your applications and files in a simple and clear interface.

To start, a simple left-click on the icon HandyMenu located at the bottom left of your screen, or pressing the “Super” key on your keyboard (the Windows flag between “Ctrl” and “Alt ”).

le HandyMenu

The HandyMenu has 6 tabs with applications in sections :

  • Internet : this section contains internet browser Iceweasel (since HandyLinux-1.7), mail client Icedove (Thunderbird), communication software Skype, direct links to Facebook and Internet help and the Minitube launcher.
  • Files : this section allows you to view your folders, check and empty the trash or visit help for data organization.
  • MultiMedia : here you have VLC media player, Shotwell picture viewer, QuodLibet music player, CD/DVD burning software, volume control and the link for helping you using Multimedia applications.
  • Office : this section contains the simple text editor Leafpad, quick notes software, a calculator, the complete office suite LibreOffice4, a shortcut to the document scanning and a link to the Office help
  • Games : because you have to relax sometimes with Sudoku, cards, Mahjong and a little brain training.
  • Raiders : HandyLinux is intended to be used in a simple manner. However, if you want to learn a little more, more finely configure your interface, add or remove software, configure your network manually or have access to all applications and configurations on HandyLinux, it is in this section that you should go.

To help you to choose, applications are presented in large buttons, a tooltip will appear overview of each element.
Left-click on the title “HandyLinux” leads you to the documentation.

To configure HandyMenu style, a preference'tool is included by manon. This little tool allows you to change main banner or icon theme.

To configure launchers one by one, right-click on the launcher to configure, then simply drag&drop your new application into the Options window. Change the text if needed and the tooltips text too, save, it's done :) !

Feel free to go through the various sections of this documentation to discover applications and HandyLinux integrated tools. Click the category name to see the corresponding help :

Main Wiki categories :
Internet - Files - MultiMedia - Office - Configuration - Accessibility - Raiders

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