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Latest release:
HandyLinuxLight-1.8 (2015/01/17)


The HandyLinux size CD version (-700M). This version is directed to :

  • users who do not have machine able to boot from USB or DVD: HandyLinuxLight weighs less than 700M and is transferable on a conventional CD-ROM.
  • Persons wishing to obtain the latest version (in development) of HandyLinux: indeed, HandyLinuxLight installs the minimum necessary and will directly get the last missing packet and the latest changes applied in the sources folder.
  • benefits :
    • HandyLinuxLight is always “up to date” because the packages are downloaded during the post-installation.
      furthermore, you enjoy the latest git contributions before the next “stable” version
    • If you don't have a stable internet connection, you can use handylinuxlight-addoncd to perform post-installation from a second cdrom.
    • HandyLinuxLight fit on a CD-ROM (-700M) Support
  • disadvantages :
    • the process of post-installation can be long (between 15 and 45 minutes depending on the quality of your network)
    • using live-cd is limited to desktop and Thunar. You can test the compatibility of your hardware, but you do not have access to all the features of HandyLinux (missing applications in version *light-live but recovered during the post-installation).

IMPORTANT : HandyLinuxLight post-installation involves a continuous active Internet connection.
If yoy don't have active network, use the AddonCD

Get HandyLinuxLight

Choose your version

HandyLinuxLight exists in two versions like its older sister, 486 and 686-pae.

  • The 486 version is planned for computers designed before 2005, with a processor not supporting the “pae” option.
  • The 686 version is planned for all modern computers (32 or 64 bits) designed after 2005.

Download HandyLinuxLight & AddonCD

HandyLinuxLight is available on the sourceforge server :

last updated : january,17 2015

Put HandyLinuxLight on CD-Rom

HandyLinuxLight weighs less than 700M, which allows its use on CD-Rom. So you just open your favorite burning software, insert a disc into your DVD player/recorder, and then specify the path to the ISO image downloaded to your software. The same way for the addonCD if needed.

Test & Install HandyLinuxLight

HandyLinuxLight live

HandyLinuxLight is lighter. It was necessary to take place somewhere.
There are applications that have been sacrificed. Therefore , the use in live of HandyLinuxLight is very limited : you have access to the desktop, thunar file manager, HandyMenu and configuration, but this is only there to test the compatibility of your hardware.
You do not have internet browser or email software, or office suite . All these programs will be downloaded during the post-installation to deliver a complete Handylinux at the end of the process.

Install HandyLinuxLight

HandyLinuxLight closely follows the same installation process as his older sister HandyLinux.
The only difference lies in the post-installation script that runs when you restart your system.
You will find in this wiki the installation process.

HandyLinux : post-installation

During the post-installation, you can copy or view your files, retrieve your data, but you can not perform administrative tasks.

HandyLinuxLight, CD version of HandyLinux is lighter because it lacks full of packages. To take full advantage of HandyLinux, a post-installation script starts at the reboot of your machine.
If your network connexion is active, you can start the process of post-installation. If your network is not configured, or if you do not have internet at that time, you can cancel the post-installation: The process will be restarted next time you connect.
If you get the addoncd, just refuse the automatic post-installation process, then insert the handylinuxlight-addoncd in your cdrom player.(see next section)
If you accept the post-installation, a terminal window opens. Simply follow the instructions, your password will be requested.
The password does not appear on the screen for security reasons: simply press [Enter] at the end of your password.
Each step is commented with a title, a final message announces the end of the post-installation.


handylinuxlight-addoncd allow you to perform post-installation without internet connection through a simple script.
to get your version ot AddonCD, goto the direct download link.
When the automatic post-installation is launched on handylinuxlight, refuse the process, then insert the addoncd in the cdrom player of your computer. It will be recognized and displayed in Thunar.
Right-click in the window then chose “open a terminal here” to launch the post-installation script don't click on the script itself, click on an “empty” part of the window
Then launch this commande in the terminal.

bash ./handylinuxlight-1.8-postinstall

post-installation starts like in the previous section.

Once the post-installation is complete you can fully enjoy of HandyLinux. On your next connection, the default welcome message will be displayed :

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