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How it all began

HandyLinux was born guantas initiative on the crunchbanglinux-fr community forum 1 July 2013. The concept was simple: [handylinux] Debian for not so young and not very good :) After 573 posts, and using crunchbanglinux-fr community, we passed the test phase 22 August 2013. Once again, the crunchbanglinux-fr community was able to respond in a few days, we tested five versions (alpha1 & 2, beta1, 2 & 3) in 528 posts.

At the same time, we launched the [ main site] and guantas created the [ blog]. Finally, Friday, Sept. 13, 2013, it was the opening of the Forum and the launch of the beta 4 September 22, 2013.

This little post to show you (if necessary) that GNU/Linux community is truly a community: a place of exchange and sharing of knowledge and skills in a common and discussed goal. The birth of a distribution in this type of climate does not match the development of a proprietary OS … and I truly believe that the spirit in which we exercise a creation is reflected in the future of this creation :)

A word about the material used to build HandyLinux distribution. I work all my build scripts (sources) on my favorite computer, an IBM thinkpad X31 … a good old single-core Intel 1.6GHz with 1.5 G of RAM. Testing and building are on a thinkpad IBM T60 .. a little later, but still the old stuff. Total investment?? less than 200 € for two PCs … Life's a g33k? :D

Finally, I would like to thank the crunchbanglinux-fr community which gave us our first space of discussion, giving us their BandWidth for our crazy ideas :)


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