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Add Debian Multimedia Deposits

deb-multimedia deposits collect non-integrated packages into Debian conventional deposits and/or newer versions of packages.
The addition of these deposits in the list of repositories available on HandyLinux offers you access to new or newer and multimedia codecs ; and some audio/video encoding softwares which are not present in the official repositories.
For example, we will install handbrake, a simplified video encoding software. List of the available programs:

Deb-multimedia deposits are not maintained by Debian. they can introduce instability in your system
That said, I use these deposits for years without any worries (@ arpinux)

As usual, two methods: graphic with Synaptic package manager (25 clicks and 8 steps), or with Terminal (4 or 5 lines of commands) …

Synaptic : graphical installation

To add the deb-multimedia repositories graphically, it passes through the main Debian package management on HandyLinux: Synaptic. It is available in the (HandyMenu > Adventurers > List of Applications > System > Synaptic Package Manager) “System” tab of the List of Applications. A window will appear asking for a password, enter your connection password to go further.

  1. At the opening, click on the “Settings” menu and choose “Repositories”
  2. In the window that appears and brings the list of repositories used by HandyLinux, choose “New” to add the deb-multimedia repository
  3. Complete the identification form of the new deposit as follows and confirm
  4. An information window opens prompting to reload the list of repositories and packages available, what you do with “Reload” button on the Synaptic's tool bar

  5. An information window will appear warning you that an error occurred : this is normal, you have not added the deposit's verification key. This key is contained in a Debian package, deb-multimedia-keyring. To install it, use the Synaptic's “Search” function by clicking the magnifying glass icon

  6. In the new window, just type “deb-multimedia” to find the package. Once done, right-click the package and select “Mark for Installation”

  7. An information window opens to inform you that the package you installed is not authenticated (not yet …). Click “Add to selection” then click “Apply” in the tool bar of Synaptic. A summary of Action will be presented, simply Apply

    An information window is displayed when the process is finished
  8. To install Handbrake, we used the same search function, and the opportunity to bring the whole system up to date. The steps are explicit, a confirmation will be asked and a summary displayed … all well explained.
    1. search and selection of handbrake-gtk to install

    2. complete upgrade of the system

    3. confirm changes and launch the installation and update

    4. Handbrake is now available from the list of applications

That's all folks :)

Terminal: faster than fast

Do not be afraid of the black box, the terminal is your friend. :) So direction HandyMenu > Adventurers > Open a terminal and type the following commands one by one, confirming the [Enter] key to end each command.

  • start by passing in administrator mode. your password is requested, it does not appear when typing, it is normal:
    sudo su
  • add the list of multimedia repositories:
    echo "deb wheezy main non-free" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/multimedia.list
  • reload the list of available packages and then add the deb-multimedia repositories signature key. a confirmation will be requested, consider type “Y” (yes) to confirm the installation:
    apt-get update && apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring
  • full update packages and Handbrake install (optional):
    apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
    apt-get install handbrake-gtk

Faster than fast isn't it ? :)

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