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Beginners or Überg33k you can help us and help HandyLinux :

  • Do you have ideas, tips?
  • You tamed HandyLinux?
  • The hack does not scare you?
  • You have a machine for testing distributions?
  • You wish to contribute to the future of HandyLinux ?

So I invite you to contribute to our collegial distribution.

Contribute on the forum

The first way to help is to register on official forum (fr) in order to share your experience, your tips and tricks, your propositions, or your bugs
Forum is a place that allows you to express yourself freely about HandyLinux, computer or anything else.
The forum is also and above all a place of support where no question is ridiculous … we all started one day :)
Even if HandyLinux is a french distribution, feel free to speak in your native language in the HandyLinux-l10n general support section.

Contribute to design

If your skills are more “graphic oriented”, don't hesitate to post your wallpapers, icon packs, alternate logo, etc. in the forum :)
Official logos are available here.

Contribute to the wiki

Editing the wiki is for editors only, to keep a minimum control on the assistance provided to beginners : the open wiki accords with the spirit of our distribution, but an error in a document can be fatal to a great beginner.
If you want to be a writer and contribute to HandyLinux documentation, you can register here in official forum or register in wiki.

Contribute to development

HandyLinux is a collegial project and sources are available on the gitorious page of project. With git protocol, easily clone HandyLinux sources and build your own by following the HandyLinux dedicated documentation.
Recovering these sources, you end up with the same work environment as me (the developer of HandyLinux), so you can find/fix bugs and propose a solution on the forum, you can also test new features and provide them to HandyLinux.

Contribute to translation

HandyLinux is a french distribution but we try, with this documentation, to be as accessible as possible to other languages. If you find errors or want to improve this documentation, or join the “translator team”, come and join us on the forum :)

Contribute financially

HandyLinux is developed and maintained by a small team of volunteers and remain free distribution: D. But if you want to contribute to help us to pay the costs of running the server, help us keep our machines running or give us your satisfaction financially, it is with pleasure that we accept donations via credit card, paypal or flattr donation. For other payment forms (check or beer) you can mail me directly here ;)

Contribute your own way

If none of the above situations suits you and still want to contribute your way, it is with pleasure and curiosity that we welcome you to the forum or by email on

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