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Outside built-in tools, a complete list is updated by fibi and is available in “Accessibility” forum section. Feel free to suggest tool you find necessary.

Accessibility tools

HandyLinux is given Out-of-the-box with simple tools to enhance accessibility. They are availables in the Menu Bar right bottom :
HandyLinux Access Menu

  • appearance : configure look and theme of your environment,
  • mouse : configure mouse behaviour.
  • color inverter : lets you invert colors on your screen. If you use the screen filter , the color inverter will be disabled,
  • screen filter : applies a color filter in accordance to time and geographic localization,
  • magnifier : configurable tool to enlarge screen,
  • copy/paste buttons : copy and paste with 2 clicks,
  • access help : direct internet access to this documentation page.
  • accessibility : go to the XFCE accessibility menu.
  • built-in tools : virtual screen keyboard and speech are integrated in the web browser.

If you need to add accessibility tool feel free to visit Raiders section.

Screen magnifier

Virtual Magnifying Glass is a screen enlarger for all your screen. Usefull when you don't see well or for some détails on text or image.

The software is available by Help Menu. left-click on the appropriated icon “?” right bottom of the screen and choose , puis choisissez “Magnifying Glass”.

Once launched, you can see an icon in the notification area right bottom of the screen. icône dans la zone de notification

Simplified presentation

Magnifying Glass appears immediately, replacing and following the mouse movement. Zoom in or out with the mouse whell .
to catch back the mouse, just left-click the mouse. The magnifying glass icon is still on the notification area and can be launched by clicking on it. To disable it, left-click on the icon and choose “Quit”.


Virtual Magnifying Glass is differnet from the other alike softwres due to its mobile glass. Most of the times others open a distinct window.
VMG isn't interactive : you can't act on the windows by it. VMG only acts as a zoom glass.

  • color inverter : flips black lettres/white background to black background/white lettres. This for reducing screen glare and can be ideal for people with eye degeneration related to age.
  • Invisible Glass: VMG not charge the system. This tool can be hiden if the user wants it, just left-click [ESC] to de/activate it.
  • Enhance mode : user can choose enhance modes and move the glass. Height and width can be adjusted too.


All configuration is graphic. just a right-click on VMG icon in the notification area to shows the preferencies.


The keyboard shortcuts are available when VMG is activated :

  • [ + ] Enhance (mouse whell too)
  • [ - ] Reduce (mouse whell too)
  • [ barre d'espace ] switches “On/Off”
  • [ up arrow] Increase height of window
  • [ down arrow ] Decrease height of window
  • [ right arrow ] Increase width of window
  • [ flèche gauche ] Decrease width of window
  • [ ESC ] Hide the VMG window

Screen filter

FIXME : awating application translation
Redshift applies a color filter to your screen to reduce eyestrain. Launch it by the tool menu, activate, stop or configure your geographic localization. The new version includes a manon' script to automatically set up your city.

Thanks to Starsheep, firepowi and manon for the localization scripts.

Virtual keyboard & speech synthesis

since HandyLinux-1.7, Iceweasel is the default web browser. Documentation waiting for edition

In the HandyLinux web browser Chromium (before HandyLinux-1.7), you can use a virtual keyboard and speech synthesis.

Virtual keyboard

since HandyLinux-1.7, the virtual keyboard is handled by the fxkeyboard addon in Iceweasel.

Chrome virtual keyboard appears on demand when you left-click an input field. It shows a keyboard icon, if you left-click on it your virtual keyboard pops up :

Cliquer avec votre souris sur les touches du clavier virtuel pour remplir le champ de saisie.
Le clavier virtuel disparaît automatiquement lorsqu'il n'est plus nécessaire.

Speech synthesis

since HandyLinux-1.7, speech synthesis is handled by the foxvox addon in Iceweasel.

Feeling uncomfortable for reading? Select a text with the mouse (left-click, stay pressed and select what you need) then left-click on “Speakit” icon. Your text is readen with Google TTS (Text to Speech).
For Speakit preferencies, right-click on the icon and choose “options”

Voice search in Chromium

When you start Chromium, you can use Voice Search if you have a microphone…

Speak freely a word or sentence in a text area instead of writing it. Whereever there's a microphone icon in a text area, you could speak by clicking on it (or focus the text area and press Ctrl+Maj+. (point)). Once you have clicked on the microphone icon, Google starts searching the words you speak.

Give it a try : left-click on the micrphone and say “Show me pictures of Colorado.”. Awesome isn't it ?!

PS: You need an active microphone to make it work. 8-)

Usefull links: Google Support 1 Google Support 2

benoitfra Toolbox

Benoit Franquet aka benoitfra is a free software great contributor and he offers several efficient tools. A dedicated page is in the Documentation.

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