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Welcome to HandyLinux-1.9 Help Center

Here you will find the necessary tools to download HandyLinux, use it live or install it on your system, take control of your computer, take advantage of integrated applications and go further with the “raiders” section.
To facilitate your search, you can use the search box at the top of each page.

HandyLinux presentationPresentation

Download HandyLinuxDownload
How to get

Quick InitiationInitiation
An introduction
to computers

Test HandyLinux LiveTry it
Test HandyLinux

IT terms

Install HandyLinuxInstall
How to install

Discover your desktopHandyMenu
your desktop

File ManagementThunar

Personalize HandyLinuxConfigure

Your Internet ApplicationsInternet
Your Internet

Accessibility ToolsAccessibility

Your Multimedia ApplicationsMultimedia
Your Multimedia

Small tools in HandyLinuxTools
Small tools in

Your Office ApplicationsOffice
Your Office

Play RaidersRaiders
Play Raiders

  • For offline viewing, this wiki has a link “Export to PDF” at the top of each page.
  • For your reading comfort, this documentation has several themes available from the left panel.

HandyLinux derivatives

  • HandyLinuxLight : the CDROM version of HandyLinux (-700M). This version is for users who do not have machine that can boot from USB or DVD.
  • HandyLinux-Compiz : A version that includes a 3D Compiz session to take advantage of additional accessibility options and also just for show: D

HandyLinux is built with Debian and free softwares.
If you want more informations about those famous “free software”, please visit our Portal of the Open Source Community. (fr).

HandyLinux is a collegial distribution : its development is a direct result of requests and feedback from its users..
To participate in the evolution of HandyLinux, join us on the forum and suggest improvements..

Discover, Configure and Use HandyLinux

  • Explore the Internet : perform a search on the web, write or check your emails, contact your friends with Skype or relax with Minitube.
  • Relax with Multimedia Applications : watch a video with VLC, listen to the radio with RadioTray or your favorite album with QuodLibet, view your photos with Shotwell. Save, encode and convert audio/video files easily with asunder ans oggconvert.
  • Work with Office applications : open and edit your multi-format documents with LibreOffice, go to your calculator or your notes, view your PDF documents, print or scan documents.
  • Use the Accessibility tools : use a screen magnifier, the filter screen and inverter color or integrated tools of your internet browser (virtual keyboard and voice synthesis).
  • Configure HandyLinux : customize the appearance and behaviour of HandyLinux and your login screen.
  • For remote assistance, HandyLinux integrate TeamViewer. More informations in the dedicated page.

Manage HandyLinux

Go further

  • Play Raiders : use the terminal, install and uninstall software, add a printer, access the complete list of applications…
  • Evolve HandyLinux : HandyLinux is yours ? so go further and discover Debian possibilities.
  • You want to build your own HandyLinux ? Add or remove applications, personalize Desktop or theme ? Discover how to build HandyLinux.
  • You want to add extra multimedia codecs or access new multimedia applications, then just add deb-multimedia repository.
  • You want to test other distributions ? install VirtualBox and discover other environment without any risk for your system.
  • You want to help ? see how to contribute to HandyLinux.

Computers tested with HandyLinux

To facilitate your choice when buying equipment, we list on this page the material tested and certified for HandyLinux. Do not hesitate to come to the forum to list your equipment to help other users.

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